The key to using the CEREC technology is understanding the software completely and having a fully integrated team.

CEREC software expertise is the key to cerec ROI

I have been teaching dentists and teams for over 12 years and have found the ones that do well with this technology get the whole team involved and get the office to make a paradigm shift.

I also believe in teaching dentists to avoid the tools and this is possible if they understand the software and what they are putting in. If they give the computer the right information on the way in then they can hit the green arrow forward button the machine does the rest creating a beautiful long lasting restoration of the highest quality in a very short time. Most dentists are not taught to understand the software they are taught to use the tools to design what they want I believe this is the wrong approach and causes doctors to be less efficient and longer in treatment time than the tradition impression and temporary approach. Really understanding the software and integrating your team will create a CEREC practice that is profitable and efficient.

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I will be presenting at CEREC 25 as mentioned before.

Here is the details on my CEREC 25 (25th Anniversary of CEREC celebration in Las Vegas) seminar from the official Sirona site.

My expertise, I believe, comes from the expert use of CEREC software. Make an excellent crown in 45 minutes because time is money. Why do 3 crowns in a day when you can do 8?

Sironas celebration of CEREC, 25 years

I began using CEREC technology in my private practice in 1989 having placed the very first CEREC in the US on a patient in July of that year. Since, that time I have placed well over 25,000  CEREC restorations and has taught some 6000 dentists on how to use this new technology. My private practice in Southfield Michigan has become the place where dentists from around the world come to learn how to use this technology as well as the place where dentist come to get there dental work done.

I have published numerous articles and have also written a book on CEREC and lecture both national and international on this technology.  My education company in Southfield Michigan named the Great Lakes Education Center has been largely responsible for the emergence of this technology which has benefited both patients and dentist through out the world.

I am excited to celebrate the 25th anniversary of CEREC in Las Vegas this August with the other 15,000 dentists who now use this technology.

Happy Birthday CEREC!

“This technology is changing Dentistry as we know it and is moving our profession into the 21st century.”

Here is a quick video showing how I explain the CEREC technology to patients. I hope this helps you.

Advanced Expert CEREC Training Testimonial

Letter of reference on CEREC training

Success stroy on advanced CEREC training

For those waiting for my training seminars to come to town, I have authored a book to assist dentists with the advanced use of CEREC. My concern for you, the dentist, is not the tools but the software. In order to exploit the true power of this fantastic piece of technology, you must become proficient with the software so you can craft a crown in minutes, not an hour.

This book contains the following:

A Step by Step instruction and explanation of CEREC technique.

Foolproof tips on integrating CEREC into your practice.

Learn how to maximize the ROI and value of the CEREC system.

Learn advanced CEREC Techniques from this book.

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Here is my website detailing the CEREC training options available to you.